Tips for Using Frequent Flyer Miles for Family Travel

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Frequent Flyer Miles (FFP) is the loyalty program provided by various airlines. Normally, the airline clients enrolled in this program accumulate frequent flyer miles in terms of kilometers, points, and segments in correspondence to the distance flown on the airlines or partners. Also, there are other means of accumulating miles which include debit and co-branded credit cards. Acquired miles may be redeemed for air travels, other services or goods or for boosted benefits like class upgrades, priority bookings or airport lounge access. This makes travelling with your family much convenient and cheaper. Below are some tips which can help make this program more efficient when travelling with your family:

1. Book Awards In Advance

You have to make sure your miles and points are ready during the period when the award calendar opens. Ensure you book early between 11 to 18 months or more. By planning some months ahead you are able to configure which miles and points are needed to ensure you meet the lowest necessities. Since families understand their children’s school programs, they are able to leverage the kind of awards they require to operate for them.

2. Shop For Tickets Separately

Few travelers can easily acquire airlines revenue tickets and multiple awards. Carriers provide seats in buckets with small number set for fare or award class. If you need three award tickets within the lowest mileage tier when only two are there, reservations systems will indicate of no presence of minimum mileage tier award seats. Even though, there can be three medium or high mileage seats that can be booked.

3. Consider Splitting Itineraries

When the travel involves children, vacation is concerned with your destination rather than the journey. If there are no enough award seats for the same itinerary, one parent can opt to travel with the children. In that way, you get a better opportunity of scoring low level award seats for some of your travel plans.

4. Utilize Schedule Changes in Optimizing Flights

Although not all, some airlines opens up low-mileage award seats when schedule alterations affect award tickets for travelers so that they can rebook other tickets within the new itineraries. Thus, you can consider booking for your family on independent itineraries or on less-than-ideal ones. With some luck, you may consolidate your reservations when those airlines alter their schedules.

5. Aim for Fixed Value Programs

Unlike with most legacy airlines, some loyalty programs like Velocity Rewards provide fixed values per miles or points. Hence families can utilize their points for all unsold seats the same case you pay tickets for cash. Hence, with sufficient points, you can pay for those seats. Additionally, these programs apply a great utilization of points for less costly itineraries.

6. Book Awards after the Award Calendar Begins

Some people may claim there is no need to jump on award-tickets after the calendar opens. However, families need the maximum assistance to secure multiple award-seats. Although when it is done the other way round, there is the likelihood to reduce chances of success. More so, in case you get all the needed Frequent Flyer Miles for your family, it is good to start booking for backup award with another flight while you continue monitoring for extra seats on your best flight.



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